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International Hardwood Conference

October 27 - 28, 2022 - LYON

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The International Hardwood Conference

The 9th edition of the international hardwood conference will be held in France, in Lyon, on October 27 and 28. The pandemic has upset our meeting habits, the last edition was indeed held in Berlin on November 21 and 22, 2019. This new edition is therefore eagerly awaited by all professionals processing hardwoods who will thus be able to meet "in real life" to take stock of the latest economic upheavals.

Who we are  we ?

European Organization of the Sawmill - EOS

Founded in 1958, EOS is a non-profit association based in Brussels which represents the interests of the European sawmilling industry at European and international level.

Through its member federations and associate members, EOS represents some 35,000 sawmills in 12 countries across Europe (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland). These companies account for around 77% of total European sawn timber production in a sector which represents a turnover of around €35 billion and employs around 250,000 people in the EU.

European Timber Trade Federation - ETTF

The ETTF promotes the interests of the timber trade throughout Europe, representing the main national federations of importers, traders and distributors.


The ETTF liaises and lobbies governments and government bodies nationally and internationally, engages with environmental and other NGOs, and provides a discussion and networking forum for the EU timber trade. EU on key issues, from legislation and the environment, to promoting sustainable timber and best practices.

National Federation of Wood - FNB

The National Federation of Wood is the professional organization of the actors of the mobilization and the transformation of wood in France. It acts on behalf of logging, primary processing, secondary processing and trading companies. It operates in outlets as varied as Energy, products for construction, pallets and pallet boxes or even export. 

Its mission is to: 

  • To be, on behalf of its members, a privileged and recognized interlocutor of the public authorities, at national and European level, as well as representatives of the forest upstream and of the markets.

  • Develop the competitiveness of companies in the sectors of wood mobilization, 1st processing, 2nd processing, wood material trading, pallets and energy.

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Our sponsors

FrenchTimber : Promoting French lumber and wood products Set up in 2001 at the initiative of the “Fédération Nationale du Bois” and a group of French sawmills, pursues two goals : o To promote, on a national as well as international basis, the use of the all French wood species, sawn timber and processed wood products, coming from sustainable managed French forests. o To ease supplies of wooden products to foreign companies by increasing the visibility of the French sawmills’offer and expertise. FrenchTimber is a tool created especially for the industry to facilitate the supply of French sawn timber. o FrenchTimber distributes technical and economic information to international purchasers (importers, wholesalers, industrials …) and trade consultants. o Communication and research tools offered by FrenchTimber help bringing together relevant parties with the aim of achieving best match and best performance between offer and demand. FrenchTimber’s activities involve: -Organize and attend trade show and seminars -Distribute technical brochures on French specie and wood products -Help foreign users and traders to find quality lumber from France -Inform members and the industry about economic statistics and market updates. -Work on foreign standards and codes to increase market share for French lumber. Need help to secure French lumber: send your request to


Since 1994, the commitment and dedication of the Fornasier family has enabled the Italian-based Termolegno brand to be recognized worldwide for its reliability and efficiency. We are manufacturers of wood dryers for softwood and hardwood strips and friezes and for the Nimp15 treatment of new pallets and recycled pallets. We put ourselves at the service of wood professionals by providing them with technical solutions suitably studied and configured to guarantee excellent drying results and significant energy savings. Our systems, dryers, high temperature dryers, ovens, pre-dryers, dryers for Nimp15 treatment or combined dryers; are equipped with devices for saving and controlling electrical and thermal consumption that allow reductions of up to 30-35% compared to standard drying technologies. Our wood technology engineers have studied advanced drying solutions for hardwoods and especially for oak that allow us to obtain high quality dried products with an excellent quality-drying time ratio and an assistance service. quickly and efficiently.

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A reference fair for the wood industry in France for more than 30 years, EUROBOIS is the unmissable fair for wood, processing techniques and layout, which will be held from February 6 to 9, 2024, at Lyon Eurexpo.

An event supported by

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