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Find here all the presentations presented during the conference

European hardwood production and consumption

The producers

By Maria Kiefer-Polz

The users

By Ad Wesselink


By David Chavot

Other markets

The steps
from North America

By Michael Snow

Overview of the tropical timber market to the consumer

By Dr. Michael J. Adams

China temperate hardwood market: 2022 situation and outlook

By James Xu


The parquet market

By Lorenzo Onofri

Market challenges and opportunities in the furniture sector

By Philippe Denavit

Industrialization of the sector in Central Africa with the end of log exports

By Benoit Jobbe-Duval

New hardwood uses and products

Overview of current hardwood research and development in Europe

By Dr Maximilian Pramreiter

Sustainable use of tropical hardwoods in road and water structures

By professor Jan-Willem van de Kuilen

Forest issues

Climate change and European policies: impact on hardwood availability

By Aymeric Albert

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